Revolutionizing Preconception Care in Bangladesh: How Medai's AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions Are Making a Difference
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MedAi : A Pilot with Ready-made Garments Workers in Bangladesh

Preconception care plays a crucial role in ensuring healthy pregnancies and improving maternal and child health outcomes. Recognizing its significance, the Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS) implemented a comprehensive Preconception Care Program to provide necessary support and guidance to women planning for pregnancy. However, the program faced several challenges, particularly concerning technical limitations. This article delves into the obstacles faced by BADAS, highlighting the issues with real-time data, deep insights, and the graphical interface of geo-location of patients. Furthermore, it presents MedAi, a revolutionary digital healthcare platform, which addressed these limitations through AI-driven analytics, real-time data, geo-location tracking, and a mobile-responsive web solution

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Empowering RMG Workers with Digital Healthcare: Medai's Journey to Bring Affordable Healthcare to the Masses

In recent years, the digital revolution has opened up endless possibilities in the healthcare sector, providing opportunities to reach underserved populations. One such population facing unique challenges is the garment workers in various regions. MedAi, a pioneering digital health company, embarked on a transformative journey to empower these workers through telehealth solutions.

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MedAi's UX Journey: Making Healthcare Apps User-Friendly for All

In today's digital age, technology has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, work, and even seek medical assistance. However, not everyone is equally comfortable with technology, particularly in rural areas and among ethnic South Asian populations. Understanding the need for user-friendly healthcare applications, MedAi embarked on a transformative UX (User Experience) journey. Through a series of workshop sessions, in-depth interviews (IDIs), and UX sessions, MedAi aimed to enhance their apps' usability,