Global Healthcare
in Local Languages

MedAi is a digital healthcare platform. We use artificial intelligence to deliver personalised healthcare services remotely to patients in their languages.

350 Diseases
900 Symptoms
1.4M Patients
5 Hospitals

A Comprehensive Digital HealthCare Platform

Our AI driven digital healthcare platform will allow patients to access state of the art personalised healthcare services remotely using their smartphones in their own language.

Ai Guided
Symptom Checker

It’s AI guided symptom checker guides patients to accurately register their medical symptoms for speedy diagnosis


Our state of the art natural language processing (NLP) engine will offer multilingual healthcare support to patients across the globe

Healthcare Insights

Our health analytics platform will offer actionable healthcare insights for disease trend monitoring and healthcare infrastructure development

Health Education

Our platform delivers targeted health education content tailored for patient’s medical history in their native language for effective intervention

Actionable Health Insights Through Powerful Analytics

MedAi is driven by cutting edge innovation

Analytics Driven Disease Diagnosis and Management

Actionable Clinical Insights Through Powerful Analytics

Reading the Pulse of the Nation

MedAi will work a real time disease outbreak monitoring system to identify possible disease outbreaks allowing health officials to take speedy measures.

Seasonal and regional disease trends and analytical insights will aid public as well as private healthcare providers to make the right investment choice.

Short and long term healthcare expenditure and spending behaviour insights will allow healthcare service providers to better design their products and promote in a targeted manner

Healthcare Without Boundaries

MedAi aims to deliver a true remote healthcare platform making healthcare accessible to millions who currently have little or no access to it. Patients will be able to access vital healthcare support and resources through their mobile devices reducing healthcare travel-related carbon footprint upto 30%

We Are Passionate About Human Health

We are a team of passionate scientists, medical doctors, AI experts, market strategists with a shared vision, betterment of human health. We are driven by scientific innovation and our current challenge is to efficiently deliver the most effective remote solution to the deprived.


We are proud to join the new cohort of Accelerate Cambridge, an initiative of the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School. It develops world-class entrepreneurial talent that drives new venture creation.[more..]