Tackling Healthcare Inequality with

MedAi smart healthcare platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalised healthcare services in patient’s language.

Your Personal Guide to Comprehensive Health Management.

MedAi smart health app can help you to find the right healthcare provider. Our Ai diagnosis system can help you to find the right doctor.

What We Do?

The solutions we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

AI Driven Telemedicine

Find the right specialist with our AI-diagnosis

Every Checkup, Every Milestone: One App to Manage Your Families Wellbeing!

Personalised Health and Diet Tips !

Intelligent Hospital Management Solution

Manage your clinic from anywhere with the help of AI

Health Analytics Driven diagnosis and patient management

Integrated remote video consultation and telemedicine solution

Personalised Disease Risk Prediction

Personsal Health Assistant.

Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Management Guide.

Personalized Recommendations for Your Doctor.

Intelligent Medical Transcription Solution

Streamlined Medical Transcription with Cutting-Edge Technology

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Easily Integrable MedAi API Services